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Tips to be the next social networking leader
Posted :18-Jul-2014
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Choosing the right social networking tools can make your business presence felt, make your marketing more effective, and increase site visitors.



Social networking tools are one of the most popular medium of interacting with friends, family, social circles, colleagues and the perfect destination to make new friends and establish business contacts. Over time, the popularity of social networking sites has surpassed everything else and the future only seems to be brighter for them. While a few years ago, most of the networking tools like Facebook and Orkut were termed as a waste of time, in the recent few years, even big corporate entities have understood their significance and are making a beeline to make their presence felt online. However, not every site is as popular as the other, and owing to the stiff competition, it is getting difficult for an individual or a company to raise their popularity meter, even though they have their own fan page or a dynamic social marketing network.


So what is needed to stand apart from the crowd of millions of people and companies and make your presence felt? Here, is the perfect solution. There are some great tips to make an impact on the social networking sites.


Choosing the right networking tools


You will want to establish a unique entity for yourself or your business in the virtual world, so you cannot follow the conventional trends followed by your friends or partners. You need to select those networking tools that perfectly complement your social needs. Various tools are available in the market. Most of them will cost you almost nothing. However, some need you to spend a certain amount of money such as paid advertisements, only in case you want them. The most popular ones among the paid and free tools are, Twitter Feed, DandyID, Addthis, and Atomfeed. This apart, one can also use Friendfeed, FriendBinder, and Flock to complement their social networking skills.


Make your presence felt


By just using some networking tools and then sitting idle, you cannot expect to create a niche for yourself or your business accepting the current trends. Even after setting up a social networking account, you need to make your presence felt by sharing updates, information, news feeds, and interact with the public. This will help your fans and social circles to know your business in a better way that will boost your popularity. You will need to promote yourself in the area as much as possible, promote your page or your group, and in a way, you will need to promote the social networking site itself. Nevertheless, do not use it excessively. Various companies have tried to embark on the popularity of these sites and used to update their status information and pictures every two or three minutes! As expected, the plan backfired, and most of the users left their group, even before they realized their mistake. Instead of this, you can try to share your updates at a space of some hours or some days, and come up with interesting ideas to hook your audience.


Use marketing techniques to get more traffic


Marketing is the name of the game. The more that consumers know about your product, the more they will relate to it, and your sales revenue will increase. The same thing applies with networking sites as well. No matter what networking tools that you are using, efficient marketing techniques always have an upper hand in driving traffic towards your site. You can use paid advertisements to efficiently do that, and other tools that will showcase you or your business in a better light, and boost its sales.


These are a few tips that can go a long way in providing you the required impetus to reach your goal. While there are many networking tools, choosing the one that will sensibly work hands on with you and your business will add new dimensions and create huge traffic. We can help you with this. social networking sites are a boon for many, but do not use it as a traditional free advertising tool to promote products and keep people updated with your whereabouts. Instead, use our social networking knowledge and we will use dynamic strategies to boost your popularity and get going. While any Tom, Dick, or Harry can get worldwide popularity with a twenty second video upload, it may not be what you need.

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