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Posted :18-Jul-2014
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Most upcoming businesses today use social networking sites to promote their services and products and get immediate feedback from their customers.



The phrase social network was coined to help differentiate between those used for socializing and those used for business purposes. However, today, the phrase defines everything including interactive websites, chat rooms, message boards, and discussion pages. Facebook and MySpace are examples of other social networking websites. Today, different companies promote their products by using their own social networking websites and consumers feel like they are more closely connected to the companies concerned.


While the changes in communication with customers may have benefited in some ways, there has been much criticism over the growing use of these as well. Concerns of stalking and threats being publicly made on these sites has called for some attention. Users have also expressed their concern over privacy, as all our personal information can be viewed by not only your friends but also by companies, your boss, and spammers. Therefore, while using these social networking sites, you need to be careful about how much information you share and who all of this is visible to. We provide you with options to protect aspects of your privacy while still permitting use of our networking solutions.


Over the past decade, social networks have become much more than mere communication media. Today, they are a platform for thousands of people who indulge in debates, create and manage business enterprises, promote products and services, make changes in society, and transform lives. When sites such as Facebook started gaining popularity a few years ago, many critics dismissed the site as child’s play, saying that it was for those who wanted to rant and share pictures.


You may wonder what is in it for you. Ironically, today, almost everybody has a Facebook account and an estimated 600 million users are active on the social network from across the world. While Facebook is currently the most common social networking site, there are an estimated 200 million users on Twitter and another 100 million on LinkedIn. We have specialized our social networks with niche markets to target our solutions to meet your needs. Let us look at some of the areas in which these websites seem to leave a lasting impact. Our sites are unique in providing targeted networking to a vast array of users and businesses.


Public service and politics


Via social networking websites, businesses can reach out to an innumerable number of donors or volunteers. Because of sites like Facebook and Twitter, politics is longer limited to the politically aware. Most progressive politicians have found themselves on Twitter, promoting the ideologies they have and almost everybody has a place to voice their opinion, talk to their leaders and share new ideas. If politicians want to reach out to the young, then this skill needs to be developed to keep young fans in the loop.

Advertising and marketing


These social networking sites have also brought to advertisers and marketers a nice medium whereby they can reach out to individual customers and have one-on-one conversations with them. There is no longer the fear or need to bother hoards of bypassing gatekeepers. Instead, we can interact directly with the targeted consumer and community.



The need for the traditional media organizations is facing some competition from these social networks today. Many news websites offer their visitors with news items that have been viewed by people they know – it works in the same way as recommendations. In addition, many common people can now provide news, traffic updates and similar information. Citizen journalism is hence, on the rise. One does not have to read pages after pages to gather information – instead search for the exact information that you are looking for and all the latest news related to it will be right there before you.



Business and recruitment

Recently, Google+ was launched, which means that with the growing popularity of these social networking sites, there is growing competition among technology giants concerning the same. High end and innovative technology have taken a back seat to the seamless and organic emergence of social networks into our lives.



Most upcoming businesses today use social networkingsites to promote their services and products. Not only that, a business gets immediate feedback. Some small scale and home businesses function only via their social networking solution. Large business houses carry out many of their surveys on these sites, too. LinkedIn is another example to suggest how the human resources team of most companies seeks their employees. Many people have in this way benefited in terms of career advancement and promotions by making their profile visible to others. So too, can you benefit from using our social network sites to promote yourself and your business.

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