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Social networking: A win win situation for all
Posted :18-Jul-2014
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Using social media networking sites has become big business and it can be a useful way of advertising your business online and sell more.



Social media is a virtual space where one can get to meet real people. This is considered the best place for interaction and creating connections. In the 1990s, and even some five years back, one must have probably not even heard about them, but with time, people began to interact more and more on social networking sites, which increased their credibility. People are attracted to social networking sites because they are a great platform for socializing. Moreover, such sites allow you to interact anywhere, at any time, with anyone; all one needs is a working internet connection. When people get together in a virtual space, advertisers and sellers are bound to reach there, and try to increase their sales opportunities. No one is complaining though, neither the sellers nor the buyers. After all, who would not like to know about new brands, products and services, and then buy them by just clicking on them. One can comfortably say that advertising on social networking sites offer a win-win situation for both these sectors.


A recent study has revealed that a whopping US$30.8 billion was spent on advertising in social media networking sites in 2011. This reflects the level of popularity that social networking sites enjoy among society and businesses. Many businesses are thriving completely on the existence of social media networking sites. This is supported by the fact that social media has 100 percent greater lead-to-close rate against outbound marketing. However, the opposite is also true in that like any other media, social networking sites also survive on advertising revenue. Social networking sites are a favorite among advertisers because they can use user’s demographic advantage, and this helps them to reach their prospective customers better.


According to Social Media Today, 91 percent of social networking advertisers saw a tremendous hike in their traffic because of social media promotions. Most people login to social networking sites just to keep themselves updated about their surroundings. Naturally, an advertisement on a social platform is likely to catch the eyes of the prospective customer better than any other medium for its cost. Social networking sites offer greater O.T.S. and hence better sales. People are in a better situation to compare their options and arrive at better deals. There is no need to visit shops or consult others, as product reviews are freely available on the internet. There was never a better time than this to check out online advertising .


Around 79 percent of companies received better leads from promotion on social networking sites and 58 percent of the consumers expect to get exposure to exclusive products or sales promotion events. It can hardly be denied that social networking sites have brought about a great revolution not only in the social scenario, but also in the buying and selling experience has improved. It has become easier for the buyers to streamline the products according to their choice with the availability of multiple brands. Most of the brands available on the internet are not found in the best shopping malls. Apart from advertising directly on the social networking sites, the marketers are also creating webpages of their own. Anybody can like a page of the product that they like and receive regular updates on the product. These webpages are then circulated among the friends and become advertised further.


Advertising on social networking sites has many advantages. People can see these anytime, as most people use mobile laptops or smartphones when they move from one place to another to keep connected to the internet. Many advertisements are automatically downloaded, and they can be also be viewed offline. However, these advertisements can sometimes be nasty, as spammers may try to leave virus on the PC of the viewer. However, most people on the internet are receiving benefit from advertisements on social networking sites. The scarcity of time is no more a problem for everything is available on the internet and the best part is that it is well advertised. If you are a seller and not making yourself visible on the social networking sites, then you are losing out on your business. If you are a consumer, and still not a part of this great revolution, then you are depriving yourself of it. Check out our site for more information on the marvels of using social networks for advertising .

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