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social network: the network of the future
Posted :18-Jul-2014
Keyword :social networking
Author :Admin
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A social networking service invites people to join their social networking platform to share links and information to promote their business.



Probably the most exciting invention in the world of computing and information sciences is the advent of social networking. This invention has succeeded in bringing people together to create a social network, an invisible yet all encompassing web of interconnected minds, hearts, souls, and dreams. The social network is an innovative way to connect and network with people in our life. It is a result of an aesthetic mix of computer technology, programming, art, creativity, and commonsense. The concept behind this benchmark technology was simple: to enable people to share everyday thoughts and happenings of their lives through the social networking medium with one's friends and family.


The development of the social network happened more along the lines of one learning a new form of art or language: starting with the simple basics and essentials, and then adding on more complex functionalities and features. The initial social network functionalities were for people to create a social network presence by signing up to a social networking service, and then send invites to people they might know using email to join them on the social networking platform. Then later on came the feature to share links to what one might be reading or watching on the internet, and then the feature to tag people in a particular picture, and so on.


The best thing about the social network in all of this is the focus has always remained on each person using the social networking website. Each person who is part of the social network has had complete control over his or her web content. People have been able to choose who gets to see what posts made by them, be it a status update, or a picture, video, interests, or likes. The security and privacy features of sites such as ours have grown and developed with the growth of the social network itself.


The social network has become the premium medium of networking for most of the world today. Today, it is used not just by students and internet lovers, but also by entrepreneurs, artists, and other people. Anybody who has access to internet probably has a social network presence. It only wise to use this technology, then to use it for more than just getting in touch with old buddies and making new ones. The advent of internet marketing added a new dimension to social networking. Business gurus realized the true potential of the social network in terms of its outreach and connectivity, and then began using it to advertise their products and services. Since the social network can be broken down into its own micro networks based on the location, age, and interests of all people who use it, it has since become the ideal tool to target a specific subset of the people who are mostly interested in the product.


The whole idea of targeted advertising, which is the foundation of online marketing, plays right into the hands of the concept of social networking. The social network is also the best platform to announce a new product or organization in business. It helps gain trust and quickly. No number of paid advertisements can match the word of a peer or a friend vouching for a certain product. That is where the reach and visibility of social networking websites work their magic. Viral marketing at a true viral scale has been made possible now, thanks to the social network.


Social networking has also branched out to serve professionals, and enabled people who share similar interests, technicians, artists, and entrepreneurs with similar visions to come together. The social presence of a person has become an integral part of his career, as it has of his or her personal life. Companies looking for new talent are eager to learn about the social media presence of the potential employee, which helps them gain a holistic idea of the candidate.


Social networking has gone from being a fantasy world a few years ago, to a welcome and vital reality in the present day scenario. It has already become an integral part of the modern global citizen. One needs to be mindful of the potential of the social network, and embrace the global technology that has truly made the world a smaller place.

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