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regional representative as connectdirector offers local partnerships
Posted :18-Jul-2014
Keyword :regional representative
Author :Admin
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Apply for regional representative, a partner in the Connectdirector business concept, executives to develop and manage a regional service center and top level business services as interim management, human resources management, trade business services and business development services


Connectdirector is actively seeking licensees (regional representative) to manage and develop service centers and provide location-focused business and consumer services in various countries and regions, is a web portal for business and social networking, online business advertising and matchmaking online community. Parallel to these highly effective online performance Connectdirectoralso offers optional additional offline consultancy services.

With a unique business formula, Connectdirector provides global exposure with national, regional focus online and offline through its partnership associates.'s sophisticated offerings include:
• Online web directory listings, advertising and promotions.
• Offline interim management & counseling, with a regional representative providing those business and personal services.
• Connectdirector services are based on principles of integrity, excellence, compliance, and joint result.
Click here to apply for this regional representative position with Connectdirector, if you are experienced, motivated, qualified, and interested in a mutually beneficial business relationship.

The ideal partner candidate will:
• Have a minimum of 20 years' working experience as a self-employed entrepreneur in B2B.
• Show proven experience in interim management and consultancy.
• Exhibit deep knowledge of corporate finance, trading, and HR searching.
• Portray appropriate commercial business background and focus.
• The partner regional representative will demonstrate a hands-on, operational attitude and be results-driven.

A local regional representative is a partner in the Connectdirector business concept may be called upon to accomplish the following tasks for business and personal clients, either in the agency or online:
• Integral Human Resources Management Services (HRM)
• Trade Business Services - Procurement & Sales Agency
• Business Development Services - Investments, Merge & Acquisitions

With experienced regional general managers acting as licensees of the Connectdirector brand, these services can be provided in a local area or country. Local presence as contact and communication will be enhanced with all concerned parties locally, while maintaining a global exposure. If you are an entrepreneur or self-employed interim manager and/or management counsellor interested in becoming part of the partner network for associate business services, contact us for further information. The link for additional information and application is available now, for your convenience:

A Connectdirector partner may benefit from this affiliation by:
• being a licensee of this sophisticated web portal
• earning attractive commissions on regional advertising and subscription earnings
• utilizing the strong business lead generator for the acquisition of management consultancy (business services) projects
• having access to a unique networking tool
• associating with progressive-thinking, top-level, global partners
• using the international brand name
• gaining a reputation as a regional and national expert

Serious regional representative partnership applicants will understand that this endeavor will require dedicated focus, licensee fees, and the partner's time. If you are interested in this mutually beneficial regional representative opportunity, we invite you to apply online by clicking here. Background checks and multiple personal interviews will be a standard part of the application procedure. Setup fees are in place to separate the casual looker from the serious, highly motivated applicants for these regional representative appointments.

Click here to apply for this regional representative position with Connectdirector, if you are experienced, motivated, qualified, and interested in a mutually beneficial business relationship.


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