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Online Content, some basic guidelines to follow to build an audience and to attract new contacts here on Connectdirector 

Online content is the production and publishing of internet media and is a collective noun for information and the user experience giving value to these online content. Referring to the value is this a particularly pun as content also stands for "pleased".

Content can be delivered, not solely by the world wide web / internet but also by several other kinds of media carriers and transmission; such as radio & television, the written printed works; book and newspapers, audio recordings and also live events; meetings, conferences and performances, etc.
However in this article, as you are reading now here online, we will restrict to online content.

There is absolute no shortage of information to consume online, but how to distinguish you from the others in the era of online content marketing. We have here listed some basic guidelines to follow, to emerge your online content, to build an audience and attract potential new contacts.

The true cleverness of online content is that other relevant and remarkable information can effortlessly, by just a click on a button, distributed to other similar consumers. Nowadays social media and those mouse clicks have become the topics of our daily conversations.

That your target audience is consuming your online content is great, but you what them to respond and set them into action would be extraordinary. Remember online content is usually the means and not the goal. Invite them to connect, make a tempting offer or a very easy one in online content is to promote link to a webpage. Make that "Call for Action".

Put in your online content some other methods to make your audience more involved. This can be done with for example pols, questionnaires, gamifications or viral marketing concepts


Folks are thinking aesthetically. Trust the visual appeal infographics, photographs images, and relevant snapshots. Good looking pages pull visitors.

The best subjects for online content are connected to prompt trends and news topics. Those subject will increase individual susceptibility to the details of the online content

Along with being actual, fantastic online content must be related to its audience. Understanding will ultimately convinces them to get activate for your desired deed. Relevant and prompt online content is always a main to optimal success.

Provide people online content that is worth consuming and sharing. Make it unique, clearly demonstrate your message it will be picked up as a value proposition

Fun and enthusiasm in online content will stick in the mind. Even the serious subjects can, with the right tone, benefit from this.

Create emotions with your online content. Whatever it be: chuckling, wailing, grinning, smirking or shaking heads, best is if your target audience respond to your online content. Emotions makes your message momentous.

Become an authority and build an online community. Develop and share credible online content. Personal branding and reputable online content is connected to each other and can be done by building alliances, acquire references or offer your content to third parties.

Quality above volume
Online content marketing is a highly effective way for personal or business branding and entice qualified sales leads. However, in online content there is a temptation that you definitely have to endure. Search engines rank and value different as your community. Search engines are primary selecting on volume, clicks and posts updates and comments and can hardly judge quality. This in contrast of your audience, contacts and (future) customers who insists on in depth expertise and online content as we have characterized as above. Remember always that you are dedicated to and committed to develop top quality content.

Follow these simple rules, become an authority in your knowledge area and promote your online content whenever is possible. Online content will for sure generates new contacts and sales leads. is loaded with online content; bulletins, notes, events, questions & answers, pictures, video  and audio. You are invited to post your content here too. Not a member yet! Start global and/or locally posting your online content and start networking now. Subscribe as a member, click JOIN button below to apply and start networking at The Connectdirector.


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