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Professional networking on the Connectdirector "all in one" premium online portal offering business networking & social networking, contacts, matching, online content, (web) advertising & (business support) services. An unique multi-language web portal concept with a global exposure and a national focus on both rich high quality online content and dynamic database generated listings for matching personal interest, business interests and social interests and needs. We at Connectdirector advertising networks and community portal are an match making authority in guiding and reducing barriers by direct linking business and social interests and needs interests on the principles of joint result, integrity, compliance and excellence.


networking marketing and branding through networking sites
Posted :18-Jul-2014
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Networking marketing and networking sites, the basics and benefits of online promoting and representing personal and company brands, products and services.


Networking marketing allows you to represent a company's products and services via online web portals. Networking marketing people frequently utilize networking sites.

Benefits of Web Portal Networking Marketing

Despite the hard work required to grow a successful business, networking marketing professionals experience many benefits, if they are willing to invest the time and money needed. Networking marketing must be considered a profession and a career choice, not a hobby or something to pass the time. As a leadership development platform, networking marketing may be held up as the ideal. The business model is already well proven throughout the world. If an independent contractor is willing to spend time, effort, some money, and gain knowledge about the product, he or she may well be on the way to time freedom, fame, and fortune. Networking marketing is truly an exciting endeavor for many successful people.

Access to a web portal such as may lead to more contacts for your networking marketing endeavors. The powerful and dynamic database on this networking sites boasts many members who may be looking for your product line or service that you represent. provides a means for you to publish online content, personal newsletters, promotional advertising campaigns, and other business, social, or personal communication. By providing information and data about yourself and your business, you can more easily exchange information and ideas with others, around the world. In addition to exchanging ideas and concepts with those you would probably never meet in person, you can generate new business leads and contacts. Increasing the size of your business may be possible in ways you may not have considered previously. Business networks are the perfect venue for learning, sharing, and growing your business. makes it easy by providing the proper tools in their web portal and in the offline service centers.

Using Networking Sites for Networking Marketing
Independent contractors who wish to work for themselves frequently seek occupations where they can make the most money for the least amount of work and capital investment. Networking marketing provides that opportunity through web portals such as Connectdirector is a global web portal and networking sites with a national and/or regional focus. Your marketing efforts may be seen by many members online. Connectdirector may be able to offer you direct contacts. As a member, you will have access to advertising and promotional opportunities. Take advantage of the ability to share rich, high quality online content with others or read the existing content to learn more about a business or person. The dynamic and powerful database matches your business, personal, and social interest and needs with other like-minded individuals and businesses.

Networking Marketing Basics
Networking marketing allows independent contractors to pick the people with whom they work. No office facility is required; you can easily work from your home, as long as you have adequate online connectivity. Networking marketing contractors pick the hours they wish to work. Since the marketing is not usually time-dependent, contractors may choose to work in the middle of the night or other non-standard business hours.

Networking marketing independent contractors must be willing to master the science and the art of sales, leadership, and marketing. As a marketing contractor, you don't make any money until the services and products you represent are sold. Independent contractors must be willing to take risks, work hard, interact well with people, and be knowledgeable about the product lines they represent through web portals.

Tax savings can be considerable for the networking marketing consultant or web portal contractor. While there may be a start-up fee for representing a certain company or product line, you may easily earn back that investment in commissions made on the products and services you sell. If you are successful in your endeavors, you may have the opportunity to employ others to work with you or for you.

Networking Marketing is Powerful with the Right Networking Sites
Through the web portal, you have contact to numerous new prospects who may be seeking products and services that you represent. Through your advertising efforts online, you may be able to prospect these leads and earn significant income from those who you contact. Even if direct sales are not lucrative, you may be able to recruit and sponsor new distributors for the products you and services you represent.


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