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match making done taking into account the personal interest
Posted :18-Jul-2014
Keyword :match making,personal interest
Author :Admin
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Match making is an age-old tradition, but the internet allows new ways for matching people according to their personal interest traits.



The profession of match making is a very old one dating back to the 15th and 16th Centuries. A matchmaker is the one who brings two people together who he or she thinks are an ideal match for each other for the purpose of courtship and marriage. Even now, in many cultures, arranged marriage is widely practiced and profoundly accepted. The traditional match making is done using astrology to see if the stars of both the persons complement each other to make the pairing a successful and a fruitful match.


Over the years, man has evolved, superstitions, and intuitions have given way to science and technology, and as a result the tradition of match making has also evolved and taken the aide of technology. In the 1980s, Gary Robinson, a software entrepreneur felt the need to revamp the process of match making, and in that process, he revolutionized the way match making was done and lead to creating the foundation of present-day dating sites. In the frontier North America in the 1900s, contra dancing or square dancing was also used as an informal way of match making. Whatever be the form, the essence of match making was to see if the two people are socially compatible with each other, and see whether they have a similar personal interest. This same practice is the core of all the online dating sites, which are present now. A dating site is essentially a personality test to find out what arouses your personal interest, and then there are algorithms designed to find you a mate who would be having complementing personal interest traits.


The advancement in technology has played a big role, and it has made it possible for us to try to find our perfect match. The online dating sites are a perfect example of the same. They do not create any bias and deliver results completely based on science. The complex algorithm that they use is meant to create a compatibility ratio between two individuals to predict whether they will have a harmonious togetherness. It has made people from different countries, different backgrounds, different race, and different religion, to have an opportunity to come together and form a pair only based on their personal interest. A matchmaker is a person who can be anybody, a friend, a relative, a colleague, etc., who knows your personal interest. They subsequently know a person with similar interests whom he or she thinks would be a perfect match for you, or it can be an entity or a computer-based match making system that does the same thing professionally embracing the technology.


However, one cannot predict this to be a full-proof system because the personal interest of a person can change with time; also, it does not take into account the external environmental factors. The success rate of such a thing can be dependent upon an individual, as it is a mere prediction based on facts and likings of the two individuals involved. Online match making or dating sites are widely used by global users. Statistics show that 74% of people have used dating services that resulted in them becoming romantically involved with their partner, 15% of individuals have found their long-term partner using these online dating services, and about 38% of people have been involved in dating or speed dating services online or personally. 10% of individuals consider this when they are still not able to find their partner after trying traditional forms of finding a partner.


In this day and age, when someone has developed their need for compassion, togetherness, and fondness of spending their life in the company of someone else, then such match making sites can be of great help. One may know their personal interest, but they may not know to act on it or be able to find someone who would complement their taste and interest. It serves as a platform for an individual to express himself or herself in a better way, which may not have been possible otherwise. It is of great help to everyone and particularly those who have not been able to find love in the traditional way, and at a critical point in their life and require some assistance. The best part about such match making sites is that they are clear from any bias, and they have scientifically proven results with most likely probabilities.

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