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interim management jobs global expansion and connectdirector local representatives
Posted :18-Jul-2014
Keyword :interim management jobs, management jobs, interim management
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Interim management jobs at Connectdirector invites executive professionals to apply for general/interim manager job potentially lucrative association with an internet portal and offline interim management & consultancy firm.


Interim management jobs are project based jobs for specialised hired in executive or functional managers within a company. In this, alongside the daily operations, interim management jobs are generally target-based projects involve diagnosis problems, define a solution plan to these problems and execute the plan.

Throughout Europe interim management jobs are a professional service business since the 1980's and was first initiated by the auditors as a new line of business. Another fact of the fast gain of popularity is that the European labour laws are advancing employees protection and therefore dismissal is difficult and redundancy costs are extremely high. In such a situation various business scenarios should be evaluated and possible business strategy changes could be deployed. European firms have been able to obtain that in special situations it would be cost effective to appoint an independent with specific expertise on a project by project basis to do successful completion of a business restructure.

In rest of the world, interim management jobs are still limited and an exception. Interim management jobs brokers are beginning to appear and it is to be expected that companies will increasingly use of independent individuals particularly due to flexibility of labour. An obstacle will be the mind-set of present management that characterizes many companies; outsiders are not easily accepted in competitive top management positions and the policy is not to be open to inform others of "confidential" business information. Instead of adequately addressing the problems, there is still some trepidations as it is considered as a weakness to get in a hired interim management expertise. Hence, auditors - who are already familiar with the company situation and relevant problems - can perfectly mediate in potential interim management jobs. They know the company needs and know the independent consultant / interim manager; his or her experience, skills, commitment and work style.

Normally interim management jobs do have a contracts for period of time with a task and the compensation will be an all-in daily fee. On top of that, interim management jobs broker companies charge their consultants between 20% and 40% of the rate, in order to provide their marketing services. In many cases interim management jobs do need also a counsellor for guiding the customer and providing additional specific expertise to fulfil the requirement. However this is entirely dependent on the type of interim management jobs.

Appointing someone in this type of role is essential for businesses as they require someone with proven management skills and a successful track record for a period of time. Often, this is due to crisis, change or a period of transition occurring within the company. In most cases, the crisis may come on unexpected and urgency is needed. For these executive interim management jobs, business networks will be used to find suitable candidates.

There may occur also functional interim management jobs. These positions are often advertised and mediated by recruitment agencies and are the results of unexpected absence of a key staff member, hard to fill vacancies or specific projects and/or additional knowledge is desired within the company.

All interim management jobs positions require a manager that quickly become familiar with the organization. In addition, the position may be much more challenging than similar roles due to the situation and strategy impact. Interim managers are result driven and dispose exceedingly high levels of management skills. Principals will seek for candidates they can depend on, will operate within the philosophy of the company and have a proven track record in management and not a 'hit and run' management style. Definitively, interim management should lead to sustainable solutions.

Conflict and problem-solving skills are especially valuable as the principal will for sure be face and affected by identified problems and targeted solutions plans that will be absolutely necessary but could harm his position or do not have his preference. The principal / customer has to realise that interim management jobs are extremely exciting and always focused on the benefit of the company!

Extra to the web solutions Connectdirector, in cooperation with our regional partners, is resourceful a business counsellors & interim management jobs company which is defined by;
• custom-made to meet client demands,
• organisational stage activity: research, plan, create, improve and/or restructure,
• role: advice, aid and/or execute,
• duty: contribute, coordinate and/or supervise.

Connectdirector invites executive professionals to make an application for this acting general / interim manager job, potentially lucrative association with a vibrant internet portal and offline acting management & consultancy firm.

Click here, to find out more and to get accessibility the application form, if you fulfil the qualification requirements as stated in the application page.

Applications for this interim management job and business challenge as a local partner/representative are being taken only on the internet, by click on this link to access our application form.

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