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Professional networking on the Connectdirector "all in one" premium online portal offering business networking & social networking, contacts, matching, online content, (web) advertising & (business support) services. An unique multi-language web portal concept with a global exposure and a national focus on both rich high quality online content and dynamic database generated listings for matching personal interest, business interests and social interests and needs. We at Connectdirector advertising networks and community portal are an match making authority in guiding and reducing barriers by direct linking business and social interests and needs interests on the principles of joint result, integrity, compliance and excellence. excels in professional networking and supporting services
Posted :18-Jul-2014
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Professional networking among those who share an area of expertise leads to supporting and possible business associations on sites such as web portal.


Professional Networking is Mandatory for Success

No matter your years of expertise, knowledge base, or experience, establishing a network of professionals in your business venue may lead to increased success for everyone involved. Professional networking is a great place to link your business with those who can play a supporting role. Ideas can be shared and networked across business professionals throughout the world. Each member of the professional network gains information, ideas, and knowledge from those who may be more experienced. Or, members of the network might gain a different perspective or view point that may fundamentally change the way they do business or conduct a portion of their business.

As a member of, you will gain exposure to other members who are professionals in your field. Connectdirector is a global web portal with a national and/or regional focus, so your information and business profile will be available to many members online. For supply and demand business, Connectdirector may be able to offer you direct contacts. As a member, you will have access to advertising and promotional opportunities. Take advantage of the ability to share rich, high quality online content with others. The dynamic and powerful database matches your business, personal, and social interests and needs with other like-minded individuals and businesses.

Without the supporting roles of other professionals in your career field, you can feel as if you are isolated. New knowledge is not forthcoming and others' experiences may never be shared. Although needed data may be found online, the personal touch is missing. Frequently, professional networking participants find themselves becoming friends as well as business partners. Professional networking within the scope of your enterprise is one way to gain additional knowledge and professional insight. A different view of a certain problem or challenge may lead to new ideas for solving those challenges. Professional networking through a web portal such as can assist in your networking efforts. Members of the web portal will soon learn who is knowledgeable and willing to share, simply by reading other members' business profiles. Networking is the end result of becoming a member of

Supporting Ideas May Come from Experts

Many of Connectdirector's members have decades of experience and knowledge that they are willing to share with those members who are not quite so experienced. One need simply ask the right questions in order to be presented with the correct answers. Undoubtedly, asking the right questions will put you and your business in touch with those who have previous experience in the industry or business function. From there, your professional networking association will lead to improved communication from the experts, as referrals are made and ideas are shared.

Offline Supporting Business Services Provided by

Connectdirector believes that, while online professional networking is a valuable tool, web portal members may sometimes require the personalized supporting services that only a live agency representative can provide. Therefore Connectdirector also provides offline, physical representative or agency office may provide include some of the following:
• Executive search
• Interim management
• Trade business services and procurement and sales agency
• Business development services - investments, merge & acquisitions management
• Financial and legal services

Connectdirector is an authority in reducing barriers by directly linking business and personal needs and interests. The administrators excel in outstanding offline consumer and business services and take great pride in proving these with joint results, integrity, excellence, and compliance.

Professional Networking and Supporting is Available to all Members

Even if you are new to, it's a small matter to find professionals with whom to network. These supporting individuals have provided the identifying information you need in their business and personal profiles. As a member, your profiles are available to all other members and some of these business people or new acquaintances may reach out to you. Like-minded individuals are eager to provide supporting and networking through the powerful global web portal.


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