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Connectdirector offers partnerships to enterprising general managers
Posted :18-Jul-2014
Keyword :Connectdirector offers partnerships, enterprising general managers
Author :Admin
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Connectdirector offers partnerships to regional enterprising general managers, partner/representative to manage and develop web service center and a interim management consultancy agency.


If you are seeking a partnership business opportunity, Connectdirector offers partnerships for online and offline business services. Therefore Connectdirector is looking for qualified, dedicated regional general managers to become licensees of, a multilanguage web portal that offers online and offline (interim) business services. Connectdirector offers partnerships to regional general managers who has to oversee the function of the local joint online web business, as well as offline interim management and counsellor services. The potential partner with Connectdirector will be licensed in a particular country or region, and must live and have an office in that country now. Click here for Connectdirector offers partnerships for more information and apply online. has been conceived as a multilanguage web portal, with a national and/or local focus, as well as global exposure. High quality, rich content online and dynamic database-generated listings match users with in-common personal interests, social interests, and business interests. Connectdirector's directors offer years of experience as matchmaking authorities. The goal of Connectdirector is to reduce communication and contact barriers by direct linking of business and social interests. The web portal is dedicated to providing open communication and networking in an environment of joint results, compliance, excellence, and integrity. On top of that it is Connectdirector's vision that additional to the routine and regular web services, customized business services are vital to give customers an integral solution and to differentiate and to outcast. A combined effect as Connectdirector websites is a business lead generator. In this appreciated and profitable business model Connectdirector offer partnerships tot senior top level enterprising general managers.

In this Connectdirector offers partnerships to senior top level enterprising general manager with the following brief profile;
• working experience as a self-employed entrepreneur in B2B, with a proven record of accomplishments and successes
• a minimum of twenty (20) years experience working in B2B
• experience in interim management and consultancy
• proven experience in corporate finance, trading, and HR searching
• a commercial business attitude (i.e., not IT or website technician experts)
• the appropriate commercial business background and focus
• ability to exhibit a hands-on, operational attitude and results-driven success
• investment in licensing fees and time
• a focus on cooperation by adopting a team leadership role
• hands-on operational results via elegant, practical, simple, and sustainable practices

The ideal regional enterprising general manager of Connectdirector will have years of operational and hands-on management experience, in a variety of business/company settings. Candidates and potential partners / regional enterprising general managers will work well with other brokers/agency and show a complete understanding of the business concept. Connectdirector offers partnerships to an ideal partner / enterprising general manager that will have, already in place, a network of freelance subcontractors and/or specialists to handle the detail work of keeping the web portal and the management agency both running smoothly at all times. Other attributes that will serve a potential partner /regional enterprising general manager well are:
• Compliance with the Connectdirector style
• Personal investment of time, hard work, and licensing fees

Connectdirector offers partnerships and in this the regional partner's duties will include:
• offline mainly business and some consumer services
- account and sales management to acquire interim management and consultancy contracts
- hire and manage a regional team for consumer services
- business and consumer services sales and intermediary broker
- execute trade, business investment, executive search, and real estate interim manager assignments
• developing and managing a regional service center for online member services
- member satisfaction
- website promotion
- advertising sales
- content writing with updates
- web maintenance and support
- subscriber management and lists
- regularly scheduled newsletters
- translate and nationalize the Connectdirector website and to generate some regional content.

Applications will be taken online only, so click here if you are interested and qualified. Taking advantage of this self-employed opportunity with may provide the potential enterprising general manager / partner with a wealth of benefits, including:
• acting as a licensee of a sophisticated portal concept
• unique networking tools
• associating with forward-thinking global partners
• using the Connectdirector brand name
• attractive commissions on both subscriptions earnings and regional advertising
• earning management consultancy projects from a powerful business lead generator
• promoting a non-conflicting personal website and online services through free advertising
• becoming a regional and/or nationally recognized expert

Connectdirector offers partnerships to senior top level enterprising general manager, more information and to apply online, click here

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