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community portal: the best place to find your ideal mate
Posted :18-Jul-2014
Keyword :community portal,match making
Author :Admin
Description :

A community portal can be effective when it comes to match making to find a perfect soul mate for life, as trust builds in using online services.



In the 21st Century, the whole world has become a much closer-knit society. It is difficult not to remain in touch with others because the web revolution has brought about “the age of interaction”. What is more, you can be selective. Apart from the people we know or are already mingling with, we always want to meet new people. It could be for various purposes such as for increasing business connections, adding more colors to our image, sharing ideas with likeminded people, or just socializing. We can see the reflection of this idea on the internet in the form of a community portal. They are mushrooming every day, and there is something for everybody.


Community portals are created to serve a particular section of the society or a specific purpose, and they have a targeted following. Since facilitating interaction is the basic objective of these community portals, many of them are serving as great match making platforms. Match making, such as ours, can be safely tagged as e-matchmakers and these e-matchmakers have created a virtual space, where one can find their life partner and bring about a beautiful difference in their real life. Thousands are opting for match making using a community portal since it is so easy to streamline the options according to ones liking. Finding a groom or a bride is now simple and uncomplicated.


The concept of finding a match on a community portal was unheard of and even if heard of, was severely doubted in the 90s. Gradually, as the use of internet spread through the length and breadth of the world, people put their trust in the internet, and they eventually started liking its ways. First, it saved time; and second, it was easy and private in every sphere of its use. When we could perform a banking transaction, pay bills, and everything else on the web safely, then finding a life partner was a comparatively simple issue.


If you have not used the portal yet, then you can get the experience by using it for yourself or for someone else. However, let us explain why community portals are a much better and simpler way of matchmaking. For those who are conservative or are specific about caste, color, region, language, or religion, there are community portals catering for people of that particular language and religion. People within this community can become members of such a portal by specifying their own details, and the next thing they have to do is specify their choice of spouse. The admin group of the community portal would suggest the candidates suitable to the match-seeker’s choice. The match-seeker is informed about the availability regularly through emails, and their profiles are regularly updated with the latest information.


Match making on a community portal is working well for everybody who has not been able to find a person according to their liking in their immediate surroundings. For parents of eligible bachelors and unmarried women, it is a boon. They have been spared from the business of going through the matrimonial classifieds and writing formal letters and sending pictures. Now, the whole process involves less than 15 minutes or so of your time, and the options start pouring in. Earlier, it was difficult for someone to get married, if they did not have anybody for match making, but now, the story is different. Make a profile in a community portal, fill in the required fields, and put on your photograph. That is it! This also goes for people who are divorced or separated as in many cultures; such marriages are considered a taboo. However, the internet provides opportunity for everyone and for every need, as there are community portals specifically to help in match making for such people, too. Anybody in such a situation can very well subscribe to a community portal, and then find a perfect match for them.


The efforts put forward by a community portal need to be commended, as they are doing a service that society has not been good at doing. For those who are tired of leading lonely lives, or want to find a match for others, look around, if there is nobody worthy of marrying, then start using a community portal. It is almost guaranteed that you will be meeting your ideal mate who would get you out of loneliness forever, or at the very least, provide you with appropriate options.

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