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Business interests - stimulating entrepreneurship will lead to expertise, flexibility and an enthusiasm to produce and serve better

Business Interests - we do not intend costs charged on business loans used to operate a business, a fee paid on borrowed capital. But the subject here is business interests in the meaning of passion, concern, enthusiasm, attention for business. That is entrepreneurial business interests.

Business interests starts with balancing emotions for prompting attention or curiosity with the objective to gain economic return in capital and prestige. Exploring business interests ambitions as an individual or company is very comprehensive and challenging and has many pitfalls as financial risks and conflicts are ever-present in businesses.

Today the number of self-employed and small and medium enterprises are increasing extremely. As lots of people are choosing their own autonomy and encounter their business interests, companies will have to offer its own committed employees more opportunities. Enterprise directors should not be feeling that there is lack of entrepreneurship among their employees but instead they should awake entrepreneurship and business interests. Successful enterprises are created by people who did have a vision. Business interests visions that gives organizations a direction, a mission to achieve a well-planned goal. People embrace and join these visions and mission as they can identify them with it. Development and improvement an exchange that benefits from each other. Togetherness in business interests entrepreneurship leads to inspiration, creativity, responsibility, friendship and passion.

Make companies more attractive and not primary focus on costs and organisational changes. Concentrate on expertise, flexibility and an enthusiasm to produce and serve better and the results will be an increase of employees business interests and entrepreneurship.

So what are the main reasons that employees go for their own and that business interests lead to an own private company. To mention some:

  • the challenge
  • desire of being your own boss
  • wish to work for own account and risk
  • more appreciation for results
  • a natural urge and talent
  • attractive conditions
  • better balance in work and private, family live
  • opportunity to earn more and faster than paid employment
  • dissatisfaction with paid employment
  • unable to find new job after discharge
  • threat of unemployment and fear for discharge

Starting self-employed and small companies have often only five simple objectives, and maybe that is the all what business interests is about:

  • contentment
  • business continuity
  • keeping independence
  • making some profits
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