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The Connectdirector Web Portal - advertising networks & match making community portal

Professional networking on the Connectdirector "all in one" premium online portal offering business networking & social networking, contacts, matching, online content, (web) advertising & (business support) services. An unique multi-language web portal concept with a global exposure and a national focus on both rich high quality online content and dynamic database generated listings for matching personal interest, business interests and social interests and needs. We at Connectdirector advertising networks and community portal are an match making authority in guiding and reducing barriers by direct linking business and social interests and needs interests on the principles of joint result, integrity, compliance and excellence.


Become our Business Partner

Partnerships are essential to the success of, and critical for delivering value to our site for visitors and advertisers. Due to this, key in our go-to-market strategy is actively building and formalising long-term strategic business partnerships.

Started in 2003, consists now of a back-offices based in the Netherlands and Thailand and a highly motivated group of individual partners.

We are dedicated that will achieve the internet status of an authority in guiding and reducing barriers by direct linking business and social needs and interests.

In partnerships we look for a perfect fit as we do business on the principles of joint result, integrity, compliance and excellence. perceive the following 3 partnership programs

  • I. country representative / general manager, Connectdirector Licensee Network
    A great business opportunity for professionals to become our (exclusive) country representative for content management, web-advertising services and other businesses. Lucrative for entrepreneurs that want to have a add on and strength their own separate, independent business of consultancy & management support and merchant activities between local markets and foreign buyers and sellers.
  • II. local agents, Connectdirector Agents Network
    A selected community of self-employed persons with specific services that will benefit our net advertising and direct contacts to potential customers
  • III. editors, moderators, for directories and forums
    Our human-edited directories and discussion board on are constructed and maintained by a global community of volunteer editors and moderators
Country Representative / General Manager (exclusive licensee)
  • self employed, with an proven record as entrepreneur
  • preferably in the business of consultancy & management support and merchant activities between local markets and foreign buyers/sellers (as we suggest to use to promote also own private business)
  • an commercial business attitude (not a web technical wizards)
  • willing to invest time and some money
  • advertisement sales
  • content writing and update
  • website promotion
  • list / subscriber management
  • periodical newsletter
  • web maintenance & support
  • translations and national customising
  • select for to form, coordinate local Agent Network
  • licensee of an sophisticated portal concept, a powerful marketing tool
  • attractive commission on national advertisement and subscriptions earnings
  • traffic to and promotion of personal web shop, services and/or business websites
  • national recognized expert
Personal Investment
  • time consuming
  • set-up licensee fee
  • yearly licensee fee
  • the licensee has to live and have an office in the area/country that is allocated to the licensee
  • in common we will appoint for each country only 1 general manager / licensee, except if the area/country has an exceptional size and potential (starts around 75 million inhabitants) then it will be not desirable and we will split it between more licensee partners
  • notice that the set up is really hard work to collect, write and rewrite (high quality, content rich specialized) articles, photos, maps (that we will have to redesign) all kind of business listings (for directory listings and promotion)
  • the set up licensee fee is to cover (partly) our cost of the (set-up) web design
  • we suggest a minimum of 12 months to operate the site for free and charge no advertising costs for directory listings, advert classified subscription and advert special promotion index
  • on adverts we practice differentiated price-settings depending on size of business, country and site / category to make the advertisement service within reach of all businesses
  • our Licensee Agreement will have a target on advertisement revenue (depending on internet use and area/country business attractiveness and population), if a licensee is unable to fulfil the target advertisement revenue is entitled to cancel the partnership
  • the yearly licensee fee is in proportion to the budget and target advertisement revenues and is an commitment-policy that will be 50% refunded if advertisement revenues are in line with the target
  • licensee has to pay directly (as a reduction on their own commission) their local agents for advertisement referrals
  • a licensee is not allowed to join or to set up a affiliate program (included Google Adsense) and therefore will have no revenue of any these affiliate programs.
  • will own the copyright of all content and materials published on our site
  • partnership and all activities of us and partners are subject to our legal forms as issued on our sites and the Licensee Network Agreement (click here)
How to Apply
Local Agents (active member of the Connectdirector Agents Network)
  • self employed
  • provider of business & personal service; well organized, friendly and superb service minded
  • language skills
  • network & promote connection
  • provide specific business & personal service
Services (agent’s activities)
  • tourist tour guide
  • main tourist attractions, historical parks, culture & art
  • shopping & markets,
  • nature parks, trekking, camping
  • travelling support
  • booking accommodation (hotels, resorts, guesthouses etc.)
  • booking rentals (apartments, houses, ect),
  • diner / drinks, entertainment / nightlife, sports / activities,
  • booking transportation (national flight tickets, international flight tickets, train, busses, ferries, boats, rentals cars, motorbike, others)
  • other needs; diner / drinks, entertainment / nightlife, sports / activities
personal assistance
  • visa assistants (for tourist, visa runs, for short / long time aboard, foreign embassies)
  • real estate assistance (for short, long term rent, for buy and sale)
  • relation ships assistance (dating, marriage),
  • medical matters (hospitals, cosmetic surgery, dentist, laser correction)
translation and interpretation services
  • general interpretation
  • general translations (letters, books, websites, brochures)
  • formal documents translations (official legal documents)
  • legalisation of (formal and state) documents
commercial business mediation
  • secretary service
  • secretary service including post, internet services
  • marketing search and sales support
  • trade selection and support
  • priority exposure on
  • earnings by personal contracts (business & personal services)
  • referral commission on advertisers
  • advert costs for an associate agent
  • keep in touch with general country manager
  • we have to be selective, although we want to offer our site visitors a broad service, the number of selected local agents per area/province and type of service is limited
  • our sites have a review option integrated that could be a positive or negative promotion of an agent services
  • selection procedure is will be done by our general country manager
  • contract will be our Advertisement Terms & Conditions with a side letter of referral commission on advertisers
How to Apply
  • supervision and maintenance of directory(link) page(s) and forum(s) of their categories
  • periodical (subject) newsletter
  • recognized expert on a specific subject
  • indirect promotion personal business
  • time consuming maintenance
How to Apply
  • has the right to decline, cancel, conclude and/or adjourn a partnership at any time or subject to the provisions set out our legal conditions.
  • will not accept any abuse of electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited, bulk messages (known as spam) and/or damage causing or conflicting interests and activities of their business partners.
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