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Professional networking on the Connectdirector "all in one" premium online portal offering business networking & social networking, contacts, matching, online content, (web) advertising & (business support) services. An unique multi-language web portal concept with a global exposure and a national focus on both rich high quality online content and dynamic database generated listings for matching personal interest, business interests and social interests and needs. We at Connectdirector advertising networks and community portal are an match making authority in guiding and reducing barriers by direct linking business and social interests and needs interests on the principles of joint result, integrity, compliance and excellence.


exclusive licensee for connectdirector
Posted :18-Jul-2014
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Exclusive licensee opportunity for self-employed senior general manager as local representative for online service and business interim management services

EXCLUSIVE LICENSEE FOR CONNECTDIRECTOR has been conceived as a multilanguage web portal, with a global exposure, as well as a national local focus. High quality, rich content online and dynamic database-generated listings match users with in-common personal interests, social interests, and business interests.

Alongside of online networking, matching and advertising services Connectdirector offers supplementary and complementary to its web services additional regional (offline) business services. Connectdirector's directors and exclusive licenseeoffertogether with their associates many years of general and specialized management and local experience.Business services; knowledgeandexperience made available to the benefit of our clients!

Currently, Connectdirector is expanding its business concept to new countries and is actively recruiting exclusive licensee partners for this outstanding web portal and management business services. Exclusive licensee partners are needed to provide the local, regional quality focus and therefore proper exclusive licensee candidate primarily will have to live and have an office in place in his or her own region / country.

The ideal partner, exclusive licensee, will have, already in procession of a staff or a network of local freelance operators, management subcontractors and/or business specialists to handle the portal operation (service center) and the management agency both running smoothly at all times. An exclusive licensee with work experience as an interim manager/ counselor who endorse our core values and has a proven record of years of operational and hands-on management experience, in a variety of business/company settings. Candidates and potential exclusive licensee partners should have worked well with other brokers/agencies and show a complete understanding of these business management concept. Other attributes that will well serve a potential partner are:
• Compliance with the Connectdirector style
• Ability to produce above-revenue targets
• Ability to provide complete member and client satisfaction, both through the web portal members and through the management agency serviced clients.

Some of the benefits of becoming an exclusive licensee for Connectdirector include:
• Exclusive licensee of a unique portal concept and networking tool
• Attractive, potentially lucrative commissions on subscriptions earnings and regional advertisements
• Utilization of a sophisticated business lead generator that will assist in management consultancy project prospects
• Use of the international brand name
• Regionally and nationally recognized expert
• An association with other global forward-thinking, top level partners

The partner's duties as an exclusive licensee will include:
- Online webportal
• Web portal services and member satisfaction
• Website promotion and advertising sales
• Subscriber management and lists
• Regularly scheduled newsletters
• Web translations and article contentwriting and rewriting with updates
- Offline Business Management Services
• Offline business and/or consumer services
• Sales and account management
• Intermediary broker; hire and manage a regional team for consumer services
• Execute trade, business investment, executive search etc. interim manager and sonsultancyassignments

Apply online for exclusive licenseeright now, if you have the qualifications and experience that we expect of our exclusive licensee. You must live and have office facilities in the country for which you are making licensee application. In the case of large countries, where one exclusive licensee would not be adequate, several licensees may be accepted to handle the workload.

For more information about exclusive licenseeand to apply please go to

Entrepreneurs have to see opportunities in a business concept but also demand transparency. So here a brief explanation of fees, commissions and remittance.The Connectdirector fees include a yearly upfront licensee fee that is in proportion to the target advertising revenues, and a commitment policy that at least 50% of the license fee will be refunded if advertisement revenue is in line with the target.

A setup fee is charged as a selection tool that is meant to separate serious and highly motivated exclusive licensees from those who may be less committed and less sincere and is just limited contribution to our costs.

Also note: a background checks and multiple personal interviews will be a standard part of the application procedure for an exclusive licensee. Click here to apply.

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