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business opportunity in interim management
Posted :18-Jul-2014
Keyword :business opportunity, interim management
Author :Admin
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Interim management business opportunity, regional/country general manager for online and offline business services. is global exposure with national, regional focus through partnership associates. Apply here online


Connectdirector is a premium internet portal with its strength in providing online and offline services and presence. By combining online web directories, promotions, and advertising with offline interim management, personal, and business services, Connectdirector focuses on national and regional needs with global exposure.

Connectdirector is actively seeking national and regional partners for a potentially lucrative business opportunity. At Connectdirector, we strive to provide the following for our clients:
• Advice on operational management
• Implementation of changes and improvements
• Temporality, focused on a particular organizational problem, and interim management assignments to alleviate the problem or task
• Functional interim management
• Identification of the appropriate management solution
• Organizational focus on lean capacity and operational management
• Strategic transformations and implementation of improvement processes
• Organizational changes and the acquisition of expert skills
• Interim management changes, conversions, bridging, strategic reorientation, and crisis and/or turnaround interim management
• Specific knowledge management and interim project management including planning and guiding a defined project.

The ideal interim manager/representative of Connectdirector will have years of operational and hands-on management experience, in a variety of business/company settings. Candidates and potential partners will work well with other brokers/agency and show a complete understanding of the business concept. The ideal partner will have, already in place, a network of freelance subcontractors and/or specialists to handle the detail work of keeping the web portal and the agency both running smoothly at all times. Other attributes that will serve a potential partner well are:
• Compliance with the Connectdirector style
• Ability to produce above-target revenues
• Ability to provide complete member and client satisfaction, whether through the web portal or through the agency.
• Personal investment of time, hard work, and licensing fees

Regional and national affiliates in this business opportunity may also be called upon to act as interim management or consultant/counsellor for specific projects, at the manager's discretion. Organization of a licensee's Connectdirector business is flexible, and the management and hiring decisions will be made by the licensee. It is estimated that the regional general manager will spend about half his time managing both the web portal service agency, and the other half either managing freelance subcontractors or working as an interim manager/counsellor personally. In This business opportunity the partner also may decide to subcontract part of the operational work to focus on the managerial and commercial activities.

The partner's duties will include:
• developing and managing a service center
- website promotion
- advertising sales
- content writing with updates
- web maintenance and support
- subscriber management and lists
- regularly scheduled newsletters
It will be the responsibility of the partner to translate and nationalize the Connectdirector website for his or her country, and to generate some regional content.

The partner's duties on interim management and other business services will include
• offline business and/or consumer services
- hire and manage a regional team for consumer services
- business and consumer services sales and intermediary broker
- execute trade, business investment, executive search, and real estate interim manager assignments

More information about this business opportunity and apply online can be achieved by clicking here, if you have the experience, motivation, and work ethic that meet Connectdirector's criteria and you are interested in a mutually beneficial business opportunity.

If you are interested in this mutually beneficial business opportunity, and you can show proven experience in the business fields mentioned above, we invite you to apply online by clicking here. Background checks and multiple personal interviews will be a standard part of the application procedure. Setup fees are in place to separate the casual looker from the serious, highly motivated applicants for these regional representative appointments.

More information of business opportunity in interim management, click here

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