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Hotel And Restaurant Management?
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Barbara Avelino
Title : Hotel And Restaurant Management?
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Brief Description : A diploma in restaurant management is the most common educational option in the field.
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Date Post/Update : 08-Aug-2014
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Restaurant Management
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Restaurant Manager
It takes one year or less to complete and teaches students to navigate basic ordering procedures, human resources, customer service, and general restaurant organization. Students who are pursuing associate degrees in restaurant management will also study all of these essential topics, but they will get a broader introduction to business. Students taking two-year courses will learn more about financial planning, leadership, and public relations.

Most bachelor's degree programs in restaurant management are actually business bachelor’s degrees with a concentration in restaurant management. Because of this, students will be required to complete a challenging set of classes, including economics, public relations, human resources management, finance, business ethics, and the laws that govern restaurant management and business in general. They will also study advertising and business model development. Graduates of these programs often have their choice of top jobs in the restaurant management field and have a degree that enables them to successfully start their own restaurants.
The programs are designed to give students basic knowledge about travel destinations and touring operations. Common topics that are emphasized include identification of languages, handling of tourist documentation, and current affairs that affect travel arrangements. Students take courses in travel products and administration, airline industry procedures, tour operations, travel destinations, and travel industry automation.

An associate degree in travel and tourism is another way to obtain useful skills in the industry. The program teaches students how to interact with vacationers, provide exemplary customer service, and effectively promote travel services in person as well as over the Internet. Fundamental skills in marketing and business administration are also cultivated, and individuals may have the opportunity to participate in internships at local travel destinations to gain hands-on experience. Examples of classes include services marketing, consumer behavior, event or meeting management, geography, tourism or business law, and airline ticketing and reservations management.

Although some associate degree holders immediately enter the workforce after graduation, many individuals transfer to bachelor's degree programs in the field. In this program, students broaden their understanding of customer relations and the business-related tasks associated with travel and tourism. Individuals learn how to strengthen their communication skills and pinpoint networking opportunities that will be beneficial to them in the labor market. Several essential topics, such as travel economics, financial risk management, hospitality and tourism accounting, and international business, are thoroughly addressed. 
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