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Is event management a good career to choose?
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Arabella D'Souza
Title : Is event management a good career to choose?
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Brief Description : Event management is a rich industry on exponential growth platform . It could be a good career choice.
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Date Post/Update : 04-Aug-2014
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Event Management
I would suggest you to analyze /understand yourself thoroughly like what are your skills, your motivational levels, what interests you and what kind of commitment you can vouch for once you decide to go ahead in this highly glamorous, colorful but equally tough industry. You have to really stretch for longer work hours under tremendous pressure and aggressive deadlines.

Event management involves marketing and advertising. It does have enough room for creative thinking, passion for meeting new people who are generally successful in their respective field , clinching deals with them, flair for conducting events, a passion for doing it great , good communication, public relation and organizing skills and ability to work for extra hours. You have to be a meticulous planner and organizer

You can find jobs in an event management companies, television channels, fashion shows and award ceremonies for magazines and business houses. Sectors like Films and serial production, hotel, tourism, the corporate sector, media and the fashion are some of the potential ones.

You may not require specific qualification for becoming an event manager. Graduates with good public relations and networking skills can join. Some institutes offer specialized diplomas and advanced diplomas in event management. However, some of the event management firms prefer MBAs with good PR skills.

Remuneration is attractive in this field but they vary. Starting salaries could be around Rs. 15,000 a month. From here, salaries can get raised depending on your company and industry. The head of an event management company can earn in lakhs, depending on the scale of the events handled. You can work as a freelancer too.

I would suggest as first point of action for you to network and get some mentor/senior buddy from this industry and try to start working with him. Seeing and working with them closely will give you a lot of feel, experience from the work and you can comfortably decide if it suits you after a few months investment
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